UFO solar lamp

UFO solar lamp with multifunctional use:

• yellow ANTI-MOSQUITO insect repellent mode
• music speaker 5W
• 4 lighting modes
• lamp – power supply for your mobile phone

Charging options:

• DC charging
• 3D battery
• solar panel

Inteligent mode of *automatic brightness reduction * extends battery life.

Lamp includes 3nremovable lights. Each one of them has 4 lighting modes, hook for hanging and magnet for attachment to any metal surface. Silicone rubber coating around the entire circuit of the lamp ensures resistance to impact and damage.

Bluetooth speaker with magnet can be easily removed and attached to any metal surface. Bluetooth speaker signal range is approximately 15m. The speaker with a built-in lithium battery can be charged via the USB port.


Mass 6,5 kg
Operating temperature -20 ℃ to 40 ℃
DC charging time 5-6 hours
Solar charging time 18-20 hours
Operating time after full charge 6-20 hours
Head diameter 45cm
Lamp construction hardened aluminum and pvc
Power of the main lamp 700lm
Power of the additional lights 300lm
Total power 1000lm


Maximum height 225cm
Minimum height 175cm
Head diameter 45cm
Package size L 100 × H 25,5 x W 48 cm

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